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Maui Wedding Lei

“Receive this lei, my beloved, as a sign of my enduring love.”

It is an age-old tradition to include Hawaiian Lei in every celebration and special event.  The optional lei exchange is a nice enhancement to your wedding ceremony.  The minister will give a brief explanation of the meaning of the exchange, and the bride and groom will each present the other with their lei along with a kiss.

For your bridal party and your parents, it’s customary in Hawaii to present them each with a flower or keepsake lei such as Kukui Nut or Ti.   We can even add this as part of your ceremony.  We can also add a lei presentation to the ceremony to include your children, as a symbol of becoming a family.

Our fresh lei are made from locally grown flowers including plumeria, dendrobium orchid, tuberose, pikake, or white ginger.  For the groom, you may prefer the Traditional Maile, Maile Ti, or the Kukui Nut, which will last as a keepsake for years to come.

Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas (by quote), or click on the link below for our most popular selections with prices.

Hawaiian Lei Options

Orchid LeiTuberose Lei
Maui Wedding Lei
The beautiful orchid lei is non-fragrant. Your choice of white, lavender or purple, or a combination of two colors.

Price: $40.00
Maui Wedding Lei
The tuberose is a very fragrant white, waxy-type flower. It is one of our favorites.

Price: $40.00
Tuberose Lei w/Rose AccentsPlumeria Lei
Maui Wedding Lei
The tuberose is a very fragrant white, waxy-type flower and is one of our favorites. To add color, you can choose from red, orange, pink, or yellow roses (depending on availability; no guarantee on rose color). Please specify first and second color choices.

Price: $50.00
Maui Wedding Lei
In the 1960's and 70's, when every flight had to land in Honolulu, the passengers embarked from the planes onto the open tarmack where the delicious scent of plumeria flowers filled the tropical air. A plumeria lei was also presented to every passenger in the 50's as they stepped off the plane, where they were greeted by hula girls presenting the lei with a kiss to the cheek. Plumeria is the scent of Hawaii and will always remind me of returning home to the islands. Plumeria is seasonal and not always available.

Price: $40.00
Maile Ti LeiTraditional Maile Lei
Maui Wedding Maile Ti Lei
The maile ti leaf lei is made from the Hawaiian ti plant, which is an elongated, non-fragrant leaf that is twisted and braided together. The lei looks similar to the traditional Maile lei and is sometimes used as a less expensive alternative.

Price: $70.00
Maui Wedding Maile Lei
The Maile is the traditional ceremonial and wedding lei of Hawaii. It is the most labor intensive lei, and is made by going into the forest and stripping the bark off the short fragrant vines that run along the ground. The short strands are then tied together, then several strands are twisted together. The Maile lei emits a subtle, fresh, earthy fragrance. Maile grows in the wild and is getting harder to obtain, so isn't always available.

Price: $140.00
Kukui Nut LeiTi Leaf Lei
Maui Wedding Kukui Nut Lei
Originally reserved for royalty in ancient times, the kukui nut was worn by the reigning chiefs and Kings of Hawaii, known as Ali'I, during the days of the Hawaiian Monarchy. Please choose black or brown. The Kukui nuts will be strung on a ribbon with knotted spacers (no longer available with shell spacers.) Discount available with 3 or more lei.

Price: $25.00
Maui Wedding Lei
The ti leaf lei is made from the Hawaiian ti plant, which is an elongated, non-fragrant leaf that is twisted and braided together into a rope-like lei. The ti plant is used in ceremonies for protection and good luck. Orchid or Plumeria (seasonal) accents can added for an additional $15.

Price: $25.00

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